Materiel Logistics

A thorough knowledge of materiel logistics, as it relates to both acquisition and sustainment, enables RDA to provide tailored strategies, processes and contracting approaches for implementing logistics solutions across the range of different products requiring support by Government agencies.

In Defence, RDA has developed the standards for conducting integrated logistics support (and the associated logistics support analysis methodologies) and has embedded the associated logic in policy, processes and the Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) acquisition and support templates.

RDA staff also developed sustainment-related doctrine, policy and processes as well as the methodology for developing support procurement strategies. RDA staff were also instrumental in developing CASG’s standard methodology for implementing performance-based contracts and currently provide support to multiple procurement teams in its implementation.

RDA staff have developed and implemented sustainment contracts for aerospace, electronic systems, maritime and land, and currently provide help desk support across all of CASG in relation to these types of contracts.

RDA staff are currently assisting Defence with defining the requirements for the new Defence logistics information systems.